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Firefighters Apparently Missed Dead Woman Towed Away

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When we first reported on the sad story of a dead woman towed away with the car she died in, reports seemed to indicate that the first responders knew that there was a dead woman at the scene. According to the LA Times, not so much. In fact, it looks like there were firefighters on the scene for more than an hour and never noticed the dead woman underneath the airbag of the 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis.


The driver of the car was disoriented and may have said there was no one else in the car, but that's not a good excuse as newer cars, such as the Grand Marquis, have sensors that only employ the airbags if someone is in the passenger seat. A Coroner's report indicated that she died within the first few minutes after the crash, but whether or not it was while emergency crews were on the scene is unclear. [LA Times]