Fireball Whiskey Recalled In Europe Because Of Antifreeze Ingredient

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Ah, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. The delicious elixir of frat parties and bad decisions. Well, did you know that it contains propylene glycol? That's an ingredient in some antifreeze! An ingredient that is fine by American standards, but not for Europe.

I'm one of the people who enjoy Fireball (mix it with apple cider, it's like you're drinking a fucking pie). Seriously, it's great. I drank this all through college. And now that I know it has an antifreeze ingredient, a lot of my weird behavior might suddenly be explained.

The best part is that it's being pulled in Norway, Sweden, and Finland because the higher level of propylene glycol is found in Fireball's recipe for the North American market, which is just a-ok with our standards. The EU is more stringent on the level of the ingredient before it can be sold legally there.


Propylene glycol is supposed to be a less toxic antifreeze ingredient, an alternative to ethylene glycol. It's fine for American standards, but Europe has put down the banhammer.

Fireball expects to be back on shelves in the countries in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, we get to keep drinking our Fireball with some antifreeze ingredient goodness in it for years to come. Just remember, it isn't an alternative to antifreeze. Don't put in your car.


Photo Credit: dprotz via flickr