Fire Truck Shoves Two Cop Cars, Rips Bumper Off BMW To Get To Fire

In Montreal, the fire department doesn't screw around.

The driver of a parked BMW 3-Series and even the fire department's compatriots in blue learned that the hard way after a fire truck plowed through them to get to a roof fire in Old Montreal on Saturday.


The Ottawa Sun reports a bystander captured cell phone video of the fire truck pushing not one but TWO cop cars back because they were in its way, right before it ripped the bumper off a BMW parked nearby.

The newspaper says a police officer tried in vain to put the car's bumper back in place, which was kind of him, but that will not buff right out.

Fire official Denis Doucet used words such as "unique" and "exceptional" to describe the fire truck's manoeuvre.

"There were exceptional circumstances: a major fire in a seven-story building, the narrow streets of Old Montreal...with large vehicles," he said. "It becomes difficult to manoeuvre."

The good news is the city will compensate the BMW owner for the damage to his car.

As for the cops, I'm sure the next half marathon/pancake breakfast/riot/whatever else they have to do with the firefighters will be extremely awkward.



My first thought before watching the video was "Jeez whatta asshole!" But I didn't get two seconds into the video before I changed my mind. That's one Hell of a fire. Get the fuck out of the way now.