Fire! Chrysler to Issue Durango and Liberty Recalls

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Reports of fires breaking out have Chrysler ready to send out letters to 2006 and 2007 Dodge Durango and Jeep Liberty owners. A faulty blower motor is the cause of the conflagrations, which evidently occur when the air conditioning is used during hot weather. Notices will go out to Durango owners in April and Liberty Owners in May. A third and much less flammable recall for Dodge Avenger door latch mechanisms will be issued as soon as Chrysler gathers enough of the replacement parts to make the repair. Over 489,000 vehicles are affected. So far the Durango is ahead in the burnout contest, with 66 reported fires versus only 16 for the Liberty.


Chrysler Recalls SUVs After Dozens of Reported Fires [Reuters]

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To make sure I'm ahead of the joke on this one — yes, my 2006 Liberty IS one of the affected vehicles. I'm going to go and bury my head in a hole now.