Fire At Kansas City Magellan Oil Refinery Gets Out Of Hand, Threatens To Shoot Gas Higher Than Price Of Strip Steak

It looks like the Magellan Oil Refinery's just what the gas price doctor ordered to make sure those high Memorial Day prices stay around the same price as the per-pound-sticker on a Kansas City strip steak. OK, maybe that's just what "Big Oil's" doctor may have ordered. We're not so much happy about what just happened in Kansas City when a storm moved through the area yesterday and set Magellan's huge 1.2 million gallon vat of unleaded ablaze, clouding the landscape with acrid black smoke. At first when we heard the reports of the thick smoke, we thought maybe Kansas City had oversized its jets or needed to drop the needles a bit, as it seemed to be running on the rich side. Alas, this was not the case. (Hat tip to Johnny!) [Fox4News]

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@Tanshanomi: Either way... there's a lot of gasoline that just went POOF.