Head towards Woodstock, NY on Route 28 and just as you pass through Boiceville you'll see something strange even for Woodstock, NY. Mechanic Steve Heller's yard is full of rocket ship sculptures built from old cars.

''I save everything,'' Steve told The New York Times a couple of years ago. ''If I didn't make stuff out of it, it would have been in the crusher, or it would have ended up in a Toyota.''

Steve was originally inspired to become an artist as a child, when, during a visit to the Museum of Modern Art, he saw a baboon head made from two toy cars. Many years later he was hauling junk away from his father's estate when he caught a glimpse of the piled up parts in his rear view mirror. Suddenly seeing possibilities, he never made it to the junkyard and has kept busy turning old parts into art ever since. [via Picasa and NYTimes]

Rockwell X-30 SSTO built from '50s Pontiac parts.


1956 DeSoto "Firedome."

1946 Plymouth Sedan "Bubble Car."