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Today is all about finding things.

Here’s The Best Story About A Girl Tracking Down Matt Damon In A Foreign Country You’ll Ever ReadUproxx

Legitimately, stories about tracking down Matt Damon do not get better than this.

In the office sat an officer of the United States Army. My courageous friends said, "Hi, sorry, but could you tell us where Matt Damon is?" The Army officer asked them to repeat the question. Twice. Then he said, "Are you kidding me?" They assured him they were not. After acting like my classmates were crazy people, the officer said "Look. They're not filming in Rabat today. They're in Sale." That's right. I was right. HE KNEW WHERE MATT DAMON WAS.

The Junkyard Find Tirades™ of CrabspiritsTTAC

And what about those things you can find in junkyards? What about the stories you find buried in the comments? Our system is built on finding these kinds of stories.

Javier sauntered through the Bay area streets in his Sport Metromino R. He was on his way to his next job site. His Honda-powered Karcher Shark pressure washer jostled around in the “bed”. It was a recent purchase. He was starting a new career in the pressure washing business. He was his own boss, and he was going to make it big. The $600 wally world washer, and $1500 Geo pickup purchased from his wacky cousin were solid investments in capital. If only his fellow newly-minted high school grads could see him now. They were probably still slaving away behind a desk at some sucker job, or didn’t have one at all.


Lebanon's Forgotten Space Race: In 1961, Manoug Manougian Aimed the Middle East at the StarsMotherboard

And then there's finding a weird bit of history… like Lebanon had a space program.

They capture the moment when, in 1960, while Lebanon was still reeling from the high of independence and Arabism still lingered in the cafes and publishing houses, Beirut’s Haigazian University began working on a project that would make Lebanon a serious player in the space race for the next seven years. The project was the brainchild of mathematics and physics professor Manoug Manougian, who, on an autumn day in 1960 put up a sign on the student bulletin board that read “Do You Want to be Part of the Haigazian College Rocket Society?”