Find Out All The Things Behind The Scenes At An Endurance Race

What happens in the pit area of an endurance-racing team at a major European racetrack? Lots of things, including lots of lubricants and spare nuts. Sounds like a party. No, seriously. It's actually the headquarters for quite an amazing tactical feat.

In this episode of Shakedown, Leo Parente gets an exclusive look at the tactical nerve-center behind the Gulf Racing McLaren MP4-12C GT3 team, as they compete in one of the most punishing endurance races in motorsports - last weekend's Spa 24 Hours.


Often we forget that each racing team is a self-contained unit, bringing all the equipment and materiel they need for an entire day of racing flat out (not to mention testing and qualifying). That includes fueling, lighting, tires, chairs for the crew to relax in on their off hours (and they don't get any off hours, just time off between pit stops), all of which must meet racing regulations, with officials poking around and keeping records.

What I'm saying is, racing is like a Kiss concert, only with less rubber and fewer combustibles.

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