Finally, A Truck By The River You'll Want To Sleep In

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Inshriach House is a charmingly picturesque Edwardian country estate hotel of Scotland. Activities include axe throwing, sitting by the fire with tea, and now sleeping in the "Beer Moth"— a 1954 Commer fire truck converted into luxurious camping for two.


For £60 (about $100.00) a night, you and your special someone can snuggle up in the victorian queen double bed and live out your anglo-steampunk safari fantasies. A wood-burning stove keeps it warm with the canvas down, or run with the walls up for an "alfresco" sleeping experience.

We've see plenty of over-equipped expedition trucks that are probably a lot more practical than this, but for classy camping there's no school like old school.

Hat tip to Crown Victor Victoria!



I like this concept, but I think I like the concept of a nice wall tent or yurt better

I;ve been toying with the Idea of buying some property, and building a nice pad I can put a semi-permanent structure on when Im in the mood to getaway. A yurt or wall tent. all in I would be looking less than 20 grand minus the property, which so long as there isn't some future problem with it, shouldn't drop in value. Then I can rent it out in my spare time.