Finally A School That Teaches How To Drive World's Most Impossible Car

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The Ford Model T is renowned for many things, including the fact that it was incredibly mass-produced. One of its great mysteries, though, is why so many bought the things when it's so hard to drive. Thankfully, a museum has started offering classes on how to operate the conundrum that is the Model T.


If you don't believe my claims about the Model T because you've never actually attempted to operate one or you have three doctorates in mechanical engineering, just watch what happened the first time Top Gear tried to drive one of Henry Ford's creations:

There are three pedals, none of which are the accelerator, and a whole bunch of levers and switches, none of which are the cruise control. And you'll be bounced about the entire time you're trying to drive a turn of the century contraption that very well may be trying to kill you.


It's awful. And somehow also joyously, incredibly lovely, all at the same time. It makes you want to have a moustache, and a hat. Even if you are incapable of either.

The Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan, has stepped up to the plate and has decided to teach the dark arts of driving a Ford Model T, with segments including "use of spark and throttle control levers," "coordination of hand and foot controls," and "reversing the vehicle."

The entire class takes two and a half hours, and that's if you already have a valid driver's license.

Good luck.

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This car existed before industry standards. Heck, a lot of its draw was in that it could be easily converted to a tractor for farm use. It was being driven into town by kids under 12 because they were useless in the heavy farm labor, so they'd goget supplies.

Back to industry standards, however. If the first car ever was designed to steer with kegel pressure and there was no other mechanism to compare with, well there would simply be a lot of people with keenly agile groin muscles.