Finally, A Food Truck That's Doing Something About How Fat We Are

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Some charitable organizations out of Palm Beach, Florida are teaming up to get a food truck on the streets that will come bearing fruits, vegetables, and nutritional education. As opposed to the usual fare of piping-hot bacon-wrapped-pizza-tacos and lardburgers.


If you haven't had the pleasure of guzzling comestibles served hot off a converted cargo hauler at 3am, you're missing out on the direct-arterial injection of "bad for you" that makes food truck so wonderful.

But some of us just don't know when to put the pastries down, hence the overflow of fatties here in America. Many believe an ignorance of good nutrition habits combined with a lack of access to healthy food are big factors to the obesity epidemic formula.

I'm inclined to agree. Deliciously awful grub is much easier to find and cheaper to buy in almost every city I've spent time in.

To try and tackle this issue, the US Food Bank is rolling out the first Xpress Mobile Food Pantry Truck in Palm Beach. Food Bank Director Perry Borman hasn't firmed up where exactly the truck will be going, but he told the Palm Beach Daily News "we will be distributing fresh fruits and vegetables, and there will be a nutritionist on board."

The Quantum Foundation, a private non-profit that throws money at certain charities and government agencies, is giving the Palm Beach County Food Bank $100,000 to get the truck running.

Palm Beach County is also wrangled $135,000 to build miniature gyms they call "Fitness Zones" in public places.


Is a healthy food truck a great way to get good food to people who might not otherwise be able to find it, or just a hopeless drop in an ocean of overweight Americans?

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The poor do have a lack of nutritional education, access to quality produce, and economic considerations to blame for their obesity rates. But middle and upper class obesity is the function of the beauty of this country: choice.

I mean, the entire multi-level marketing health supplement industry is built on the backs of middle and upper class people who recognize that they're fat and eat poorly, but are either too lazy or unwilling to properly diet or are simply overcomplicating their solution.

Calories out > calories in, it's really as simple as that. You don't need a vitamin regimen or a week-long blueberry kale cleanse with beet root smoothie breakfasts, you just need to burn more calories than you take in. Shit, you can lose a lot of weight eating nothing but Big Macs if your calories burned are greater than the calories you've taken in.