Fifth Fast And Furious Movie Simply To Be Called Fast 5

Illustration for article titled Fifth emFast And Furious/em Movie Simply To Be Called emFast 5/em

When we were on the set for Fast And Furious, the fourth installment in the cheesy NOS-injected franchise, Director Justin Lin hinted there was room for a fifth film. It's coming, and its working title is Fast 5.


Yep, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are back, as well as Lin. We're not sure what the plot is but we're sure it doesn't matter. Also, we're guessing the sixth film will just be called F. [GATW]

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Realistically guys, we might act like we loathe it, but imagine just for a second; if the entire Jalopnik commentariat were to make a series of movies.

The only difference between that result and the FNF franchise is there would ultimately be more volvos , utes, and Suped up wagons.