Fictional Bill Caswell Attacked With Awesome Rotor-Bladed Axe

Jeremy Renner, the guy who's going to play Bill Caswell in an upcoming movie that started with a Jalopnik story by Sam Smith, was attacked in Thailand with an axe that had a blade made out of a friggin' rotor.


TMZ has more:

Thai authorities say Jeremy and his party had been bar hopping and ended up at the club where the violence broke out at 4:30 AM, after hours. One of the men in Jeremy's party — Vorasit Issara, the General Manager of the Siri Panwa Resort — dropped a glass on the floor and apparently that started the melee.

Six men — who apparently worked at the bar — then allegedly attacked Jeremy, Vorasit and the others in their party. In addition to being stabbed in the neck, Vorasit was stabbed in the stomach with a knife.

The six men who attacked Jeremy's group were arrested.

Jeremy suffered minor injuries.

We're glad Renner's OK, and we hope nobody was permanently harmed by the attack — even the attacker. But, did we mention there was an axe with a rotor as a blade involved? Just sayin'... that's friggin' awesome. (Hat tip to Opinion-as-Fact!)

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