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Fiat's J-Lo ad succeeds in angering Fiat 500 shoppers

Last night, Fiat launched an ad blitz for the 500 Cabrio by having Jennifer Lopez sit in it for a music video. The video depicts a hellscape where people riot over Jennifer Lopez, who then dances. Judging by the Facebook reaction, this didn't go over well.


The top comment at one point this morning on Fiat's Facebook page: "I've had my Fiat for about 5 months now, and after seeing the J.Lo commercial I'd like to return it." So far, comments are running about 2-1 against the spot and its big placement on Monday Night Football. At least when Chrysler lured Celine Dion into pitching its vehicles, they got her to sing about them, too.

Also, not to get too far into Jezebel turf: What's up with the pleated shorts?

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MAKE2 Mifune

Dancing does not sell cars. What are you doing FIAT 500? Despite your parent company's ties to Mitsubishi, you're not a fucking Eclipse!