Fiat Phylla Concept Is Green, Uses Frame Resembling Board Of Skating

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We're already tired of all the "green" concepts from makers from Audi to Zap — mostly because we'd like some real alternatives rather than just pie-in-the-sky concepts — but with the one-two combo of gas prices and "the green marketing movement" it's not likely to end any time soon. Then there's Fiat — an automaker breaking the mold of creating new concepts and just recycling concepts first rolled out in 2002, almost down to the system. Back then it was called the GM Autonomy. This time it's named the Fiat Phylla, and it boasts a "split-frame" design (not a skateboard), roof mounted photovoltaics, motors at each wheel and a flexible design capable of supporting power sources like batteries, super capacitors, fuel cells and the like.


On top of the energy usage side, the Phylla is completely recyclable and made with a mix of aluminum, biodegradable plastics and all kinds of other green stuff. Though it is a joint effort from multiple design schools along with Fiat research center, we can't help but think this baby needs a heaping helping of Hayabusa engines. They still have time to make the necessary changes, it's still all digital at the moment. Fiat, listen, you used to make turbine-powered concepts, why not go retro? Who knows, perhaps we can actually make a real alternative see the light of day, rather than just the lights of the show floor and concept studio. [CarBodyDesign]


Rob Emslie

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