FIAT Gives Us A Nuanced Critique On The Auto Show Experience

When one thinks of great Italian directors, artists like Rosselini, de Sica and Fellini immediately come to mind. To this list we must add the cinematic genius behind this subtle yet humorous take on the auto show. It combines the camera work of the neorealists with the carefully constructed mise en scene of the magical realists. At the surface, it's just an unnecessary closeup of someone from Fiat explaining the new Fiat Panda Aria. Delve deeper and you'll see the models unable to stay still, representing the ennui and discomfort of the public, shielded by the talking head. The best moment, though, is reserved for the end. The director chooses to pan away, for no discernible reason, in the middle of this guy talking. Benissimo!

[Source: FIAT]

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Rob Emslie

Leave the camera... bring the canolli.