FIA Drops Rule That Restricted Changes to F1 Helmet Designs

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The FIA has reversed an unpopular rule that required Formula 1 drivers to have the same helmet design for all but one race. Drivers will now be free to change the design as often as they like.

After a World Motor Sports Council meeting in Geneva, the FIA released a list of statements that included “A change to the 2020 Sporting Regulations was approved to allow for unrestricted variations to driver helmet designs between races.” This change had previously been approved by drivers before being officially approved yesterday.


The original rule was put in place so that the drivers would be more easily distinguished from one another on track. It did allow the drivers to have a different design at one event of their choosing, and also allowed a change if a driver switched teams during the season.


The council also confirmed a minimum mass increase of 1 kilogram to 746kg for 2020 and clarified that a post-season test in Abu Dhabi would be used for testing Pirelli’s 18-inch tires.


Changes for the 2021 season were also announced that included minor aerodynamic changes, high-voltage and crash safety updates, and slightly more advertising space on the top bodywork and rear wing endplates.