Ferrari has confirmed plans to build six rolling tributes to the late, great Sergio Pininfarina, each based on the 458 Italia and each likely to cost more than a LaFerrari with your family crest stitched in Mulberry silk on the headrests.

The original Sergio concept debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, using a beheaded 458 as the canvas to create a roofless, glassless speedster that managed to upstage its hybrid hypercar sibling on the show floor.

For the production version, the design is far less wild. The front fascia remains intact, as does the steeply canted rear roll-hoop, but the scissor doors and stripped down interior have been nixed. Oh, and it has windows, so a full-face helmet won't muss up the driver's $2,500 coifed hair.

The story originally broke over at The Supercar Kids (awesome!) and was exclusively confirmed to Autoblog by a Ferrari rep saying that, "this extreme limited and exclusive series celebrates 60 years of collaboration between Ferrari and Pininfarina."


The original is at the top and the unconfirmed rendering above is what it could look like, which comes off as more stylized 458 than rolling concept car, further proof that lawyers and legislators suck all the fun out of blowing millions on something that's likely to live exclusively in a heated, carpeted garage.