This old Ferrari transporter has come up for sale in Japan, and boy is she a beauty. Used to transport Ferrari's Formula One cars around the world for 11 years starting in 1969, it can now be yours.

It looks like it needs the slightest hint of restoration to really make everything sparkle, but when the right shop is done with it the possibilities are endless.

Now I'm not saying that this beautiful old Ferrari transporter should be turned into a party bus, I'm just saying it can be. It can also be turned into the automotive equivalent of thirty naked eunuchs with which to bear aloft your scrap-worthy Honda Civic, but if you've got enough cash to drop on this you probably don't have a scrap-worthy Honda Civic.


Speaking of the price, auction house Memento Exclusives isn't saying how much they want for the thing, but if you have to ask then you probably can't afford it. The car on top isn't included in whatever that final price may be, but thankfully transportation from Japan is.

What would you use it for?