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What's up with the dick in a box-types who keep crashing their high-po super cars into immobile objects? I mean yeah, this guy who crashed his Ferrari 360 Spyder into a pole in West Perth, Australia may be a hoon par high dollar, but that don't mean we'll make a shirt out of it. Sorry big man, no matter how many times you crash an Anderson Cooper Ferrari into a pole, your automaker's already got us to make a t-shirt for the Enzo. So, go get yourself a Carerra, Mr. Hoon, and try your level best to get a t-shirt made for that one — because right now, despite the rumors you imbibed ten Foster's before you put the proverbial pedal to the metal in this here Spyder for the last time, you're just plain outta luck. But hey, we've still got a full gallery of the hoonage below. [Hat tip to David, Laurens & Simon!]

This image was lost some time after publication.

[Save The Enzos!]


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