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Ferrari Pedal Car Fuels Pre-Tween Envy

Illustration for article titled Ferrari Pedal Car Fuels Pre-Tween Envy

Our experience with the ad-hoc Adventures in Branding series have been so positive that we've decided to rebrand the whole idea. Henceforth, "Auto Branding Adventures." Look for it, and away we go. Unless you're a kid whose father is a pretentious Ferrari owner, there's no reason to own a toy like this one. Ferrari has decided to go really, really green with this Ferrari pedal car by ditching gasoline and the motor entirely for good old fashion human power. Obviously, Ferrari cut no corners during production.


It includes a seven-speed transmissions, on-board computer, disc brakes, slicks, Enzo-inspired hubcaps and a racing harness to keep the kiddos safe at the sort of high speeds frantically pedaling children typically produce. The bucket seat, leather steering wheel and aero kit are only available on the "exclusive" model, which fetches $2,200 compared to the $730 for the standard model. Yep, that sounds about right for the Stallion—tripling the price for a couple extra accessories. [Ferrari Pedal Car]

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Rob Emslie

What, no multi-pot, ceramic disc option? Feah!