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Although Ferrari may be the only automaker we've found so far offering a "Cyber Monday" deal for consumers, don't expect a discount on a car. Sadly, it's just for their online store - where they're offering 50 Euros off every 250 Euros you spend. Here's what you can get. UPDATE: Porsche is offering a deal too — details below.

If you're in the massive Ferrari retailer arm's database they'll send you an email for everything you'd want that isn't actually a car at 20% off. As close as you'll get to a wheeled ride is the mini Ferrari California 12V electric kid cart for $363 before shipping (normally $453).


For the more discerning watch collector there's the Scuderia Cronograph 45 mm for a $1,374.60 discount of $5,498.40.

I got this in an email with a special code, which may mean you have to be a selected shopper (although, I've never once purchased anything from Just in case here's the code to use until it no longer lets you: 6G2S484RVE1EN2H58ETVMVBT04.

UPDATE: Commenters have pointed out that Porsche also has a "Cyber Monday" deal — on Porsche Design clothes, toys and books. It's not quite as good as the Ferrari deal, but check it out here. The lamest deal so far may be the McLaren Cyber Monday, which lets you dress like a second place team for 50% off.

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