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Ferrari Group Hug: A Non-Dino Dino Takes Shape

Illustration for article titled Ferrari Group Hug: A Non-Dino Dino Takes Shape

[UPDATE: The Dino tribute in question isn't the work of Mr. van den Brink. It's by Ernesto Freitas, he of Luso Motors based in Guimarães, northern Portugal. Dino love knows no international borders. The project is a spin-off of a thread Mr. van den Brink started on Ferrarichat. His real baby is the GTO.] Maybe you've already answered our question of the day. But what's the deal with that Dino in the picture, you ask? Dutch designer Michiel van den Brink, artiste behind the Spyker D12, is on a mission to create the a new Dino a reality, with or without Ferrari's help. His year-long project culminated recently in a model for an updated, mid-engine coupe, whose creation has been the subject of a thread on Ferrarichat since 2006. The model takes cues from Pininfarina's latest Ferrari designes, and even references the mid-'60s Ford Mustang Fastback. The goal is to put the faux Dino into limited production. Though we're not sure how close they are, or what'll happen when Ferrari releases its own update of the V6-powered classic — which we've heard is in the pipeline despite the company's vehement denials. But working on an enthusiast-driven project isn't the worst way to spend 12 months, and could be a model for a Wikisupercar of the future. [via]


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Dear Sirs.

Your article about the new non-dino dino is wrong!

The Dutch designer Michiel van den Brink is not the author of the design. It´s me, Ernesto Freitas who have design it!

I appreciatte the correction of the article.

Thank you very much.