Ferrari FXX Evolution with only 7 miles for sale on Ebay

Although there is no shortage of expensive and exotic cars on Ebay, there is always something a little funny about ultra rare and exclusive vehicles being offered alongside 14 year old Honda Civics. When it comes to exotic cars, few are more exclusive than the Ferrari FXX seen here, especially considering the fact this one has only traveled a mere 7 miles.

How you end up one of the few people to have the chance at buying a Ferrari FXX is almost as hard to understand as putting only 7 miles on the car once you have it. We know FXXs aren't street legal and we know Ferrari kept and maintained the cars and brought them only to approved track days. What we don't know is how you resist the urge to go thrash the car at a track day at least once after spending nearly two million dollars buying one.


Either way it means someone that didn't make Ferrari's exclusive list the first time around has a chance to buy a "brand new" FXX. Not surprisingly that opportunity doesn't come cheap. According to an image from Ebay, the 11th FXX built is currently valued around 9 million dollars. We don't know where the reserve on this car lies, and we probably won't find out. With less than three days left, no one has gone for the $1.5 million dollar opening bid.

Hat tip to Party-vi!


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