Ferrari Forum Turns On Member With "Stolen" Car

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A FerrariChat forum member asked his fellow enthusiats yesterday to be on the lookout for his stolen 348. The car was quickly found, leading the deep-pocketed Sherlocks at FerrariChat to accuse both the car's finder and owner of the theft.


Sick with the flu and bummed after previously wrecking another Ferrari 348 — one of the brand's lesser appreciated cars — member "348Tony" posted this sad alert.

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Pretty cut-and-dry theft, although confusing given he left the keys in the car and the straight-piped car would make enough noise to wake anyone up. These were mostly deemed strange circumstances until user "probable_cause" announced he'd seen the car.

"Ferrari is next to where i work. Been there since Saturday," said the hero. "Car has been wrecked. Police have put sticker on it to be towed. Car is behind McDonalds on Northwest highway and Loop 12."

Victory! Right? Nope. First, someone turned on "probable_cause" stating maybe he, as a rookie member, had taken the car, but he explained it was just a coincidence.

I use this sight (sic) to learn/diagnose things needed to work on my personal 355. Only reason I knew of the location of the car was because it has been parked next to my job since saturday. I figured the owner would surely get it sunday morning. When I seen the car Monday. I just knew it was stolen and logged in to fchat and had it confirmed.


Once the members of FerrariChat determined it wasn't the helpful tipster involved, they turned to 348Tony, who a week earlier had posted about wiping out in the snow.

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Users cried foul, assuming this was all a setup to get the insurance company to pay for damage that occurred when the car spun out in the snow. And who was doing the blaming? None other than "probable cause."

Guys and Girls. I'm no Kojak but when it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, it must be a what "A RAT". Draw your own conclusions. The quote above was in the TEXAS section dated 1-10-11. A week later this supposed theft happens. A thief does not lock the doors. He does when he's told too so no one comes along and vandalizes the interior. The way Ferrari electrics are you do not want someone yanking the electrical/cutting wires/busting out the ignition. Therefore, insurance only has to pay for bodyparts and labor. Hope theres no grass in that damage. INSURANCE JOB???.


What followed was a chorus of people agreeing, with a few dissenters. Eventually, the unlucky 348Tony responded with this CAPS LOCK'd rant:

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The board now seems split between people who find it suspicious and those who feel bad that 348Tony has to endure both a stolen car and a bunch of pointed fingers. It's apparently the price you pay when asking the online Ferrari community for help. Perhaps they'd be nicer if he drove a 355?




You can't film your fun any longer without something bad happening.

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You won't get to drive your own car in the future.

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