Ferrari F450 Mule Conceals New 4.5-Liter V8

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We don't imagine many owners of the forthcoming Ferrari F450 hitting the ice in one, but you can't blame Ferrari's engineers for testing this F450 mule and its larger V8 in this harsh environment.


According to Next Autos, this F450 was undergoing some winter testing in Sweden. While it wears the skin of the vehicle it's replacing, the venerable F430, underneath is concealed a larger 4.5-liter V8 and the twin-clutch gearbox out of the Ferrari California.

As previously reported, the new F450 should debut sometime later this year and arrive in the hands of lucky Europeans early next year.

[Next Autos]


engineerd - Jalopnik Poet Laureate

I think someone should start an all-exotics ice racing series. Think about it. 5th Gear tested that Lambo on the ice, we saw video recently of a Nissan GT-R on the ice, and here we see Ferrari testing their new Prancing Horse on the ice.

I want to see a 20 lap race on a frozen lake where the only cars allowed to enter are Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche. Screw track day at Road America, I want to see these bad boys trying to outdo each other in conditions for which few vehicles are designed.