Ferrari F430 Wrecked In Metro Detroit Suburb

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Canton Center Road lies in the sleepy little Detroit suburb of Canton, and, aside from people wrecking brand new Ferrari F430's outside of the Post Office, not much happens there. If you've never been to the little burg, the scene of this crash isn't surrounded by any curves, hills, trees, blocked views...or anything, really — just a couple of posts protecting a fire hydrant. Apparently that was enough of a target for this 430's driver after tangling with a Nissan Sentra, of all things. Must have been delivering express mail.


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Ash78, voting early and often

I was driving my f430 two weeks ago and I heard a loud noise coming from the front. I turned immediately had my 430 towed to crown ferrari canton, mi. They didn't touch my car only called some techs from california to look at the car and record the noise, 4 days later two guys from italy to download some info from the car then left. Then I get a call from the dealer to tell me the news, and they told me that the car was driven into a pole and ferrari will not warranty the front end which they said was destroyed, I asked them how much to fix it they told me 100k, no freaking way I will pay 100k on top of what i just paid for the car. I called the f430 number and also talked to ferrari consumer affairs got nowhere cuz they was all speakin italian an shit, now the car is sitting at the dealer. I know we shouldn't drive a car like this to the post office but why own it if you cant use this function, don't sell a car that goes goes to the post office if the only way you can achieve this is to hit some poles , false advertising. Here is the bad news people were fearing it has happened to me and Ferrari has told me there are already three people in my shoes, if you are one of these people email me, we have got to get together on this. Just think if any of you guys have taken a ride to the post office just a few times you have already voided your warranty, good luck what a joke ferrari.