Ferrari F149 Makes Photographic Debut... in Two Weeks?

The rumor mill has been churning at full froth lately over a possible new model from the shops of Maranello and Modena. One set of reports calls it a Ferrari Dino, another calls it the California GT and as of late, the third option is the Ferrari F149. Whatever it ends up being, Topspeed is reporting images of the new car will hit the web in just two weeks time. This means some outlets must have embargoed pictures — which means we'll probably be showing you shots later today after somebody jumps the gun and spills them all over upon seeing a story up saying the words "Ferrari F149." We all know how itchy those trigger fingers can become. But until then, we'll just have to be content to peek again at the spy photos of the Ferrari F149 / Dino / California Dreaming / Whatever and the knowledge that something is on it's way. We think.


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