Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: First Videos

What's better than full photos and details of the brand new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta? Why, video of the fastest Ferrari ever built, of course. Watch Ferrari F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa react to the car at Fiorano and then watch a CGI-y look from every angle.


As you've already learned, the new F12 is just a gorgeous body wrapped around an equally lusty 730 HP V12 engine connected to an "F1" dual-clutch transmission. These are just words. We now present to you sounds and a brief translation of what Alonso and Massa said, courtesy of our limited Spanish and Italian.

"Fantastic. Fantastic. This is such a unique experience, what a beautiful car, beautiful, beautiful!" - Alonso

"It's sexy, of course, it's a Ferrari." — Alonso.

"This is very impressive." — Massa

"I will let you sleep with my cousin if you give me this car." — Massa

"I will let you sleep with my sister if you give me this car." — Alonso

"I will let you sleep with my sister and Fernando's cousin if you give me this car, it's beautiful!" — Massa

Again, that's just a quick rough translation. Some of that might be a little bit off.

The second video gives us a more detailed, albeit faker, look at a nicely rendered 3D version of the new car. It's a testament to the designers that the new F12 looks so great from the rear 3/4, which is where many cars break down.


This video also gives us a deeper view of the interior. Look at all the room behind the front seats, you could fit six, maybe seven pairs of Berluti loafers.

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