Why do we even try to Save The Enzos? Yet another Ferrari Enzo's (the second in three months!) bitten the dust. This one, at least, went down respectably, competing and crashing in the Rally de Paris at Magny Cours.

This Ezno, S/N 132658, submitted itself as an example for why we need our "Save the Enzos" campaign during a heated lap last March on a cold day at the Magny Cours circuit. The Enzo's tires hadn't properly heated up to a velcro-like state, so when the over-zealous driver misjudged a corner, he ended up in this precarious position on top of the tire wall.


With two Enzos down this year, are we going to need to reprint t-shirts again? [via FerrariChat]
Images via Flickr, Imageshack, Arthomobiles


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