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The duplicity of information between Ferrari and the media that report on it, regarding the prospective entry-level Dino model, is truly epic. With each source that allegedly leaks enough info to feed the Photoshop machine comes return fire from company reps that there's no such car in the works. The latest news from the backchannels is that the new, V8-powered Ferrari 420 Dino was greenlit in September, and will go on sale in 2010. But just last week in a press conference at the Los Angeles auto show the company issued a flat denial that the Dino, if it did exist, was for public consumption. While we search the middle for truth, check out what AutoExpress has to say about the spec image (above), for which someone likely raided a Porsche Cayman press kit to create.

Ferrari's Dino Reborn [AutoExpress]

LA Auto Show: Ferrari Not Building Dino [internal]


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