Ferrari Celebrates 60th Birthday With Live-Action Shell Commercial!

We've got a treat for your inner Ferrari fan boy that'll make even the worst case of the Mondays disappear. This past weekend, as was alluded to earlier, the folks from Ferrari put together a 60-year celebration of epic proportions for the prancing horse brand. Rather than simply a big cake or everyone gathering 'round to sign a rousing rendition of the "Birthday Song," (in Italian, we'd presume) the Italian stallion brand put out an invite to basically every Ferrari owner on earth to head on over to Maranello for the b-day bash. The response was certainly a record — over 1,000 Ferrari vehicles from every age under the yellow crest — beat that Silverstone! But more on that later. The coolest part of the weekend is what may be the closest thing we'll ever see to a live-action version of the Ferrari Shell commercial from back in March. All that, plus F1 cars doing burnouts and donuts. Epic.


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