Ferrari California Press Car Hooned At 142 MPH, Impounded

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An automotive journalist reviewing a Ferrari California was popped by Aussie police for traveling 142 MPH. The car was impounded as the law requires and now the leasing company wants it back. Hmm, we wouldn't have been caught.


The as-yet unnamed leasing company immediately contacted Australian authorities in an attempt to retrieve the Ferrari, but according to local laws, the car must remain in impound for 7 days.

Acting Police Commissioner, Chris Dawson said;

"There has been an application made by the owners of the vehicle to get the vehicle back, that application under hardship has been refused so the vehicle remains seized for seven days."


It's unknown what fines or penalties the journalist will face, but we're guessing his car borrowing days are slightly numbered. (H/T To Sam!)

[via ABC Australia]

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Bets on how many of the 7 days pass before Australia's own Super Troopers take it for a joy ride at midnight?