Ferrari California, Live, Naked And In High-Resolution

Illustration for article titled Ferrari California, Live, Naked And In High-Resolution

We've seen the newFerrari California pretty much every way you can see it. We've seen it rendered, rendered in a rainbow, showing us how it goes topless, going outside for some sun, in video dropping its top, crash-tested, in a load of detail, behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot, live at its first reveal, a sneak early peek at it on the Paris Motor Show stage. Also we've seen it broiled, fried and steamed. But now we've seen it for ourselves — live and in living color. So, after all this anticipation — what do we think? Hmm... meh.


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Bob1967 - 999,999th visitor to this site.

Roof on - Not keen.

Roof Off - Still not that keen, which is a shame.

The Model - Have a f**king meal love, one day soon you'll step off the curb slip straight down a drain and your gone for good.