Ferrari Asshat Gets Basically No Punishment For 7th DUI And Cop Chase

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After being convicted of his seventh drunken driving charge, and leading police on a chase, AND crashing his Ferrari 360 into a house and a parked car, you'd think the judge would lock up Washington State man Shaun Goodman and throw away the key. You'd be wrong.


The Olympian reports that Goodman was recently sentenced to a year of work release following his conviction for a seventh DUI and a police chase that ended in a crash. On Friday 25 people gathered outside the courthouse to argue that he was treated too leniently by a prosecutor and a judge on the case.

Around 11 p.m. on December 29, police began following Goodman's Ferrari as it traveled at high speeds through downtown Olympia, the newspaper reported. A terrified passenger testified Goodman was exceeding 100 mph that night; he jumped out when Goodman slowed down in the downtown area.


Police pursued Goodman and arrested him at gunpoint after he crashed into a house and a parked car. It was his seventh DUI arrest, although two of those had been pleaded down to simply negligent driving convictions.

A year of work release? For all that stuff and his prior infractions? That barely seems like a punishment at all.

But his defense lawyer argued that Goodman is a business owner who needs to supervise his employees during the day, so he'll only spend his nights in jail under the terms of the deal. Not a bad way to get off of charges that would send a lot of people to prison for a long time. I'm just shocked he didn't argue affluenza as well.


But hey, Goodman's run-in with the justice system has been a pretty smooth one so far anyway. In January, a judge signed Goodman's release so he could fly to New Jersey to watch the Super Bowl.

America, everybody!

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