Ferrari A1GP Car to Be Based on F2007 Racer

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Will A1GP get sloppy seconds as part of its deal with Ferrari? Could be, though one man's seconds are another's previously-out-of-his-league starlets. According to F1 Live, Ferrari will supply a new race car based on its current F2007 Formula One entry for the "World Cup of Motorsport." The new A1GP racer would use Scuderia Ferrari's current F1er as a basis point, though the finished product will be built by another company. Such a car will arrive in time for the 2008-2009 season, powered by a Ferrari V8 producing between 650-700 horsepower, a rating that according to Autoblog will involve the reduction of revs. Of course, it'll be a few seconds off F1 pace; but you didn't Ferrari would stick it to Bernie Ecclestone all the way, did you? (Photo: AFP/Getty Images) [F1 Live, Autoblog]


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i really hope they won't give the cars an F1-style aerodynamics package, where the cars disturb the air enough to make closing in on someone and passing them nearly impossible, because then it'll be even less entertaining than F1 (although unlike F1, there will still be a mediocre American in the field)...