Ferrari A1GP Car to Be Based on F2007 Racer

Will A1GP get sloppy seconds as part of its deal with Ferrari? Could be, though one man's seconds are another's previously-out-of-his-league starlets. According to F1 Live, Ferrari will supply a new race car based on its current F2007 Formula One entry for the "World Cup of Motorsport." The new A1GP racer would use Scuderia Ferrari's current F1er as a basis point, though the finished product will be built by another company. Such a car will arrive in time for the 2008-2009 season, powered by a Ferrari V8 producing between 650-700 horsepower, a rating that according to Autoblog will involve the reduction of revs. Of course, it'll be a few seconds off F1 pace; but you didn't Ferrari would stick it to Bernie Ecclestone all the way, did you? (Photo: AFP/Getty Images) [F1 Live, Autoblog]


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