Ferrari 458 Spider takes off its top to stay on top

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With all the buff books adjudicating the Ferrari vs. McLaren supercar struggle in the 458's favor on style points, the arrival of the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider with its folding aluminum roof will only buffer its victory. Topless Italians FTMFW.


Live in the metal at Frankfurt, with Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo playing the Vanna White role, there's something just so correct about an open-air 458. Stats? Top-down in 14 seconds; 0-60 mph is still 3 seconds and change. It's also a 458 with that most useful of all Ferrari options: a fire escape.

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I think the 458 is ugly. There I said it, I see a red one about 4 times a week, and I always wave to the owner, and he waves at me, and I think it is ugly.

Sure, it's a technical masterpiece of aerodynamic engineering, and I'm sure the 3 tailpipes something something, but look at it. It's vulgar, in a bad way. The vents above the headlights? the unibrow rear? ugh, don't like it.

If I was given a choice between this and a 308, I'll take the 308 any day.