Ferrari 456 Venice

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You know why its good to be the Prince of Brunei? Because you can pick up the phone and say things like, "Yo Ferrari. Prince Jefri here. Yeah, listen. I'm thinking what I really need are seven 456 station wagons. Uh huh. OK, great. Oh, and I want Pininfarina to design and build them. Great. How much? $1.5 million each? No problem." And then, when Pininfarina does build all seven 442 HP V12 5-door rootin', tootin' shooting brakes, you can call back and say, "You know what? I only want six." Meaning that the seventh 456 Venice is out in the world ready for general consumption. Bring your wealthy benefactor's largest check book. [qv500 for more info]


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@Fitty7lax: Well, I can certainly agree with you on the Breadvan. But, I still likes me some 400+ hp Probe-doppelganger/bread loaf/I-didn't-know-that-was-a-Ferrari..., um Ferrari.

OK, that didn't make much sense, but today on Jalopnik has got me all silly.