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Screenshot: Jordan Taylor on Twitter

Oh boy, this one is going to take some explaining. Racing driver Jordan Taylor likes to have fun when he’s not being serious behind the wheel of his WTR Cadillac prototype racer. He’s an artist at harmless pranks, like dressing up as a fan and asking other racers for selfies. This year, he’s co-opted teammates Fernando Alonso and Kamui Kobayashi into the fun.


In 2016 Taylor invented the Jeff Gordon-loving alter ego Rodney Sandstorm, a super fan. He’s been a sensation on social media ever since. Dressing up in an old Rainbow Warriors jacket, jorts, and Dr. Scholls dad shoes. In early 2018 the legend only grew when he broke into an on-screen interview at Talladega to request an autograph (on his shoe) from the presenting Gordon.


This weekend, during IMSA’s test session at Daytona, Jordan managed to grab Formula One world champion Alonso and teammate Kobayashi to “dance” to Sandstorm’s favorite song.

Rodney Tormenta de Arena is the absolute icing on the cake. Well done, Mr. Taylor. You win the crown of weird motorsport Twitter champion for the weekend.

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