Federal Agency Wants States To Lower The Drunk Driving Limit Further

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Right now the limit to be considered drunk while driving is a blood alcohol level of 0.08. If the National Transportation Safety Board gets its way, that will change to a BAC of 0.05. That means you'll really need to watch what you drink before you drive.

The BAC of 0.05 was decided unanimously in a 5 to 0 decision Tuesday by the NTSB board. Of course, the NTSB is just an agency, they do not have rule making capabilities. But the NTSB has had a startling track record of recommendations that then cause change.


Drinking age change from 18 to 21? Yep, that was the NTSB. The original 0.08 limit? That too was the NTSB.

To achieve a 0.05 BAC, people would need to have more than two drinks in an hour and then get behind the wheel. However, for smaller or lighter people, it's possible that 0.05 could be achieved after just one drink.


Will they really save lives? Stats show that more drivers were killed with a BAC above 0.08 or that were totally sober than ones with a BAC between 0.01 and 0.07.

With that in mind, is lowering the BAC legal limit a prudent move? I think it is. A lower limit will probably discourage more people from having just one more drink before they head out of the bar or that party. Fewer drinks mean fewer crashes and deaths. That's a good thing.