Feast Your Eyes On This Mesmerizing Timelapse Of Airport Logistics

The logistics involved in maintaining the constant flow of machinery in and around an airport is a thing of modern beauty. Add in a breathtaking mountain backdrop lined with a golden sun and Salt Lake City International Airport is basically an highly choreographed work of art.

The airport spans over 7,700 acres, has four runways, and is home to over eight airlines and their affiliates, as well as a major hub for Delta, which accounts for 75% of the traffic. There are over 600 scheduled daily departures serving around 90 cities with non-stop flights.

The airport complex is made up of two terminals, five concourses, and 86 gates. Now add in all the required vehicles to keep things humming along and you have a beehive of activity to create this amazing timelapse of SLC in motion.

Chris is a pilot who loves airplanes and cars and his writing has been seen on Jalopnik. Contact him with questions or comments via twitter or email.

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thought that looked familiar, owner of the better more usable airports I fly