Faux Lexus Gear Shift Clock Is Useless, Really

Like clocks? Like six-speed transmissions? Sweet, then I have a reason for you to waste $20 on this... gear shift clock! The one redeeming aspect of this horrible gadget is the shiny metal, which appears to be chrome and stainless steel. The manufacturers are lucky I have a soft spot for stainless steel, or I would be shitting all over this crappy clock.

Anyway, it likely doesn't shift, the clock is hard to read because of the spherical nature of the shift knob, and there appears to be a Lexus emblem etched into the beautiful stainless steel. I doubt this cheap clock is really officially Lexus branded, but it does give you a reason to actually buy it for, you know, when the company gets sued to death by Lexus—then it will be an incredibly crappy collector's item! [Product Page via Coolbuzz]


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