Fast And Furious First Production Stills, Movie Both Grand And National

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That's right, the fourth installment of The Fast And The Furious is to be called, merely, Fast And Furious, and here are the first pics. We wonder if calling it Fast and Furious means it isn't too fast, nor too furious, but just right. Among the cars featured you'll notice Vin Diesel's Chevelle SS, which we've seen before, and a Buick Grand National (non GNX), which is new to us. If you'd expect those to be the only cars in the film, you'd probably be wrong.

Much of the cast from the original movie, and almost none of the cast (with the obvious exception of Paul Walker) from the second movie, return for this film. And they're all likely to get their own "character cars." More on this later. [USA Today]