Fast and Furious Cinematographer Will Direct First Film, Full Throttle

Stephen Windon, the director of photography on Fast and Furious 6 and Furious 7, will make his directorial debut on a new movie called Full Throttle, because apparently if you’re telling a story that involves a motorcycle, you have to have the words “full throttle” somewhere in the title.

The film will be about a motorcycle racer turned courier in Kuala Lumpur. When his girlfriend is kidnapped, he has to go full-throttle to get her back. Think Taken meets the Furious franchise.


When asked about the new film, Windon said, “The timing for my transition into the directing seat has been made possible with the confluence of the right material and a great producing team. The strong character driven story loaded with adrenaline-fueled action is a perfect project for me to helm. I am looking forward to the excitement of the collaboration.”

Production on the film will start in Kuala Lumpur next year.

(via Screen Daily)

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