Fast 8 Is Chucking Cars Out Of Parking Garages In Cleveland

Fast 8, an opus of film starring Charlize Theron, Vin Diesel, and Dame Helen Mirren (?), will win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Before it does that, however, it needs to chuck a bunch of cars out of buildings in Ohio.

Lest you think that none of this is real—because why would it be, between Charlize, car-tossing, and Ohio, a godforsaken wasteland of corn and Drew Carey—I promise you it is. A local television station devoted an entire helicopter just to bear witness to its existence:

And if you didn’t watch the chopper video, you should, because there’s some neat stuff in there like a Mercedes-AMG GT and what appears to be the classic Corvette known as Big Red. Oh, and a surreal shot of all of the traffic on a main city thoroughfare all moving in reverse. Gotta keep that continuity!


This will be the greatest and best movie of all time.

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As a displeased Ohioan, I can confirm this is true.