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If you want to feel old, the Coen brothers’ phenomenal dark comedy/murder mystery Fargo turns 20 today. It’s great for a ton of reasons: the accents, Frances McDormand’s quietly badass police chief character, and TruCoat.


I have long maintained that even if you love cars, buying a car is a generally miserable experience. Maybe it’s not too too bad if you’re buying something off Craigslist and find a trustworthy soul, but buying from a dealer—most dealers, at least—ranges from stressful to downright maddening.

You don’t have to know much about the plot of Fargo (though you really should see it if you haven’t!) to enjoy this scene where a couple haggles with William H. Macy’s hapless car salesman Jerry Lundegaard over the price of a car with the supposedly factory-added “TruCoat.”

You don’t get it, you get oxidation problems.

Do you have a TruCoat story of your own?

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