Farago and Loverman Talk Thermal Butt Sensors

Illustration for article titled Farago and Loverman Talk Thermal Butt Sensors

OK, actually we talked about the new Honda FCX Clarity. I called Farago because I had absolutely swallowed the Clarity Kool Aid. [Like we didn't already know that. — Ed.] The weekend after driving the Clarity I wound up at a bunch of pre-Turkey Day parties. Old friends kept asking me what I'd been up to and telling me they got engaged, while like a recent UFO abductee I could only repeat, "I've driven... THE FUTURE!!" I needed a straighting. I knew my only hope would be to speak with the world's most hard-edged curmudgeon, the doubting Thomas who doubts Thomas, both the Devil's advocate and interior decorator, my mentor, Robert Farago. The result? "Needs a thermal butt sensor." Have a listen.

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@lascauxcaveman: But it will end up the namme of a whinny emo band!!!