Electric autonomous vehicle start-up (cripe that’s a mouthful) Faraday Future hasn’t had the kind of start to 2017 that it probably expected after debuting its flagship vehicle, the FF 91, at this year’s CES conference. It’s been... rough. But we’ve caught FF 91 prototypes moseying about town in recent weeks, and the start-up showed off a new one with a slick matte black finish at Mother’s Car Corral that took place at the Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach last weekend, according to Electrek. It looks sharp. FF should make the car look like this.

The FF 91's not a bad looking car, but from the get-go it’s had this weird, sort-of all-too futuristic vibe to it. The retractable LiDAR sensor on the vehicle’s hood makes for a fun idea, I suppose, but it comes across as... clunky, even gimmicky. That’s why, after Electrek’s Fred Lambert pointed out this new beta earlier today, I think FF should bring the FF 91 to production with only matte black as an exterior option.


The production vehicle displayed at CES has a disconcerting face, and from certain angles, it looks like it’d fit nicely into the frame of a 1960s film directed by a guy who’s guessing what the Car Of The Future looks like.


The all-black look is better. Do that, FF—if you can.

Correction: The location of where the prototype was at the Mother’s Car Corral in Long Beach, not the Motor world Hype show in Long Beach, as it was reported by Electrek.