Fantomworks Is A Reality Show About Cars That Doesn't Suck

Ever watch SPEED Channel at a time when racing isn't on? It's basically crap reality shows. And I mean real crap. Velocity, which is a channel on the TV, has a new workshop show called Fantomworks, and guess what? It's a car reality show that doesn't blow chunks.

(Full Disclosure: Velocity wanted me to watch Fantomworks so bad that they sent over the first episode for my viewing pleasure because they thought I'd enjoy it. I watched it, and I actually did enjoy it. I figured I'd share that enjoyment with you people, since we seem to like similar things.)

Fantomworks is a shop in Norfolk, VA that specializes in restoring old cars, like Corvettes, hot rods, and the like to better than new condition. But this isn't some sort of Pimp My Ride or Monster Garage where you get some sort of monstrosity out of a Ford LTD.


What you do get is a pristine restomod Corvette or a cool Model A high boy. That's what I really enjoyed about the show: The engineering and manufacturing porn. If you're a sucker for welding and quality craftsmanship, then this is pretty much the show for you.

The episode I had a chance to see had a 1963 Corvette that gets a really cool removable hardtop and a Ford Model A that is a sentimental ride for the man who needs it restored.

Instead of making everything into a scene, this is pretty straight up. They try and play up how Dan, the owner of Fantomworks, is hard to work for in order to make some sort of drama. I don't buy that. What I do buy into is the attention to detail at the shop, the cool ideas they have, and how they actually made a few tough projects come together in a tight time frame.

The dearth of automotive programming worth watching makes me that much more excited about Fantomworks because now I have a show I can really enjoy instead of watching Stacey David's Gearz. Or Shadetree Mechanic. Or another inane show about restoring cars.

Fantomworks premieres on Sunday at 8 ET/PT on Velocity. Check it out. Why not?

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Ive been pleasantly surprised by Velocity's offerings. Especially Chasing Classic Cars (though he never seems to get the big money he expects), and Wheeler Dealers. I practice my limey accents wiff it.