Drones have been the talk of the nation. They're crashing into highways. They might be spying on you. And now they're tracking your speed limit... or so some pranksters in California would have you believe.

Signs have been popping up in Marin County that say "Speed Enforced By Drones" with a picture of a drone firing something at the road. Probably a missile.

Too bad the California Highway Patrol doesn't have any drones. Officers have spotted the signs on the highways, and say that they are a distraction to motorists.

Whoever these pranksters are though, they're doing an excellent job. The signs are made of metal and look totally real. They're the right font and style to be seen as real signs. They were even affixed to poles with tamper proof bolts. That's hardcore.


So, California, if you see a drone overhead, it isn't checking your speed, it's just the government spying on you. Relax!

(Hat Tip to @jlgolson!)